Healthy Cooking with Nadine Barner

An Introductory class to get you started on the healthy macrobiotic diet and lifestyle. Discover a variety of health supporting spring foods including whole grains, beans, vegetables, sea vegetables, condiments, oils and natural sweeteners. Nadine Barner will discuss the ABCs of spring cooking: which foods to have on hand, and how to plan nutritious meals.

Learn to cleanse and strengthen your vital organs, using lighter cooking methods, less salt, specific grains, beans and condiments, as you transition from one season to another without getting sick. In addition to fresh, spring ingredients, learn to use such signature macrobiotic ingredients as miso, hato mugi, shoyu, mirin, brown rice syrup, agar-agar, umeboshi, and kudzu.

Menu: – Barley salad with lemon-miso tahini dressing – Sweet & sour tempeh with cauliflower & green beans – Blanched spring vegetables with tangy blood orange dressing – Dandelion leaf condiment – Pressed salad with napa cabbage, cucumber, radishes, green apple & shiso leaves – Tart apple-lemon pudding topped with marinated strawberries.

Date: Friday March 20 6:15pm – 10pm Saturday March 21 10am – 2:15pm

Cost: $119 + gst

Location: Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver

Register: Please email to register. Confirmation and payment will be made at a later date

Bring: Chefs knife, paring knife, 2 tea towels, pastry scraper, comfortable shoes, hair elastic (long hair).

For a recent interview with Nadine (during her five continent tour with The Police, while cooking for Sting) visit Common Ground Magazine, May 2008.

Personal Nutritional Counseling with Nadine Barner, a Kushi graduate, an internationally renowned macrobiotic chef and health counselor. Nadines extensive client list includes many actors and celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Sting. Nadine will provide practical dietary and food recommendations based on macrobiotic theories and latest scientific evidence. As a macrobiotic chef and counselor Nadine will incorporate principles of food as medicine into the advice you will receive during your nutritional counselling session. Please go to Nadines website for full details and to book a private appointment.