Women’s Cooking Workshop with Nadine Barner

Vegetarianism and macrobiotics have come to the forefront of healthy cuisine because they help strengthen the immune system and prevent disease. Develop a working knowledge of how easy it is to prepare delicious dishes that are health-supportive as well as restorative and discover how to easily incorporate them into our daily lifestyle. Since women today often have little time to balance cooking with their busy lifestyles; this class will include practical information and suggestions as well as handouts designed for all women. While cooking, Nadine will present an overview of the macrobiotic approach to womens health problems and give you tips wherever you are in your lifecycle, whether that is fertility, menopause, PMS or pregnancy.

Date: Sunday March 22 10am – 3:30pm

Register: Please email angelle@nwcav.com

Cost: $ 149 + gst -Confirmation and payment will be made at a later date.

Location: Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver

Bring: Chefs knife, paring knife, 2 tea towels, pastry scraper, comfortable shoes, hair elastic (long hair).

For a recent interview with Nadine (during her five continent tour with The Police, while cooking for Sting) visit Common Ground Magazine, May 2008.

Personal Nutritional Counseling with Nadine Barner, a Kushi graduate, an internationally renowned macrobiotic chef and health counselor from Los Angeles, California. Nadine’s extensive client list includes many actors and celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Sting. Nadine will provide practical dietary and food recommendations based on macrobiotic theories and latest scientific evidence. As a macrobiotic chef and counselor Nadine will incorporate principles of food as medicine into the advice you will receive during your nutritional counselling session. Please go to Nadines website for full details and to book a private appointment. http://www.nadinebarner.com/