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“Work for Joy” Introductory Workshop

In attending this introductory workshop, you will learn the concept behind what it means to “work for joy”. Through interaction we will:

  • explore our belief systems about work,
  • evaluate if those belief systems are enhancing our lives,
  • and offer alternate perspectives on what work is and how it could be a source of enjoyment in one’s life.

“Work for Joy” Introductory Workshop Details…

Date: October 1, 2009 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Location: Alchemy & Elixir Health Group, # 320-1026 Davie Street, Vancouver

Instructor: Kiley Redhead, Business Coach and Consultant

Cost: $20 (includes GST)

Pre registration required in advance: call 604.221.4186 or email:

The obvious and not-so-obvious benefits of Yoga

~ written by Martina Schneider, RYT Registered Yoga Teacher

How do you place yourself?

The benefits of Yoga are almost as endless as the amount of Yoga books, websites and articles that have been written about this ancient practice. When I started practicing Yoga, I simply enjoyed Yoga as a form of exercise that, unlike other types of excise I did in the past, did not leave me feeling exhausted; I also noticed that I slept better after I took a Yoga class; and I loved the poetic words my Yoga teacher used to help my busy mind relax. Since then I have asked more than good sleep of my practice. Through the practice of Anusara Yoga®, its set of Universal Principles of Alignment and life-affirming Tantric philosophy my body, mind and heart have become stronger, more sensitive and open. The ongoing refinement of my alignment on the mat has turned my physical practice into a mirror of my daily life where I have also become more aware of how and where I place myself in my work and relationships.

In this process the Tantric philosophy reminds me to constantly look into my heart so that through skillful actions and choices I am moving to an ever stronger, healthier and happier place in which I celebrate my own potential.

Connect with yourself and others

Yoga works in increments and this week, when I took a workshop and therapy training with John Friend, the founder of Anusara Yoga®, confirmed that some things change sooner than others. I had studied with him before and knew that I would feel ecstatic with new energy after the workshop, as if I had mysteriously reassembled my whole body. Throughout the workshop I practiced whole heartedly stretching my muscles, opening my joints and flowing with my breath. The Therapy Training was very hands-on. We poked and squeezed each others muscles, studied our skeletal structure and practiced the adjustments John Friend had demonstrated to alleviate lower back pain and shoulder discomfort; all the while giving each other feedback on our work and chatting about our Yogic experiences. As the workshop ended I indeed felt ecstatic with new energy, as if I had mysteriously reassembled my whole body. But this time something else had also shifted. As I was saying good-bye to all the people that I had got to know throughout the training, I realized that besides the new insights into Yoga Therapy I had also gained a whole lot of new friends with whom I would share the love and enthusiasm for the same thing in the future.

The kula

With every training, workshop or Yoga class I take I surround myself with like-minded people and connect with them. When we do partner work we support each other, and it is not only their physical strength and my trust in their support that helps me to get and stay in a Yoga pose; it is also their positive energy along with their trust in me to be able to get into the pose that boosts my confidence and well being. This positive energetic lift is one of the greatest benefits of Yoga and also one of the three landmarks of Anusara Yoga®. As we practice we are not only building our strength, we are also building a community, a kula, a tight community of the heart, in which we connect with and support everybody. As we uplift each other we look for the good in others and celebrate our vast potential that lies within everybody. Once we experience the fruits of this opening, we come to be truly ecstatic with fresh energy and we actually have fully reassembled our whole Selves.

About Martina

Martina Schneider, RYT -Registered Yoga Teacher. Martina started practicing Yoga in 2003 with the simple goal of improving her health and fitness. As her practice deepened she experienced an exhilarating transformation of her body and life which motivated her to make healthier choices in her day to day life and leave her job as a high school teacher to teach Yoga full-time. Martina is a registered Yoga teacher working towards the Anusara-inspired designation and is teaching Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga in various Yoga studios in Vancouver.

In her Yoga classes Martina focuses on refining alignment and explores the flow within the poses through long strong holds. Her classes are sequenced around an inspirational theme as well as opening, strengthening and releasing specific parts of the body. She believes that the greatest openings come about when we move deeper into the body. Martina teaches Yoga in a small group setting to allow for personal attention, modifications of poses, demonstrations and adjustments to ensure that everybody experiences the full benefits of their practice.

Four week Yoga session: Yoga for Beginners

Wednesday September 30th will be the first class of a series of four pre-registered Wednesday classes at Alchemy & Elixir Health Group in Vancouver.

Time: 7:15-8:15am Schedule: 4 Yoga classes

Cost: $ 65 (incl. GST) Early bird discount: $60 (incl. GST) Pre-register and pre pay by Sept. 10th!

Location: 320-1026 Davie St. Vancouver BC, V6E 1M3

Four week Yoga session: Sunrise Yoga Flow for all levels

Friday October 2nd will be the first class of a series of four pre-registered Friday morning private classes held at Alchemy & Elixir Health Group in Vancouver.

Time: 7:15-8:15am Schedule: 4 Yoga classes

Location: 320-1026 Davie St. Vancouver BC, V6E 1M3

Cost: After September 10 $ 65 (incl. GST) Early bird discount: $60 (incl. GST) if you pre-register and pre pay by Sept. 10th!

The details

  • Payment: Mail cheque before the first class Email pre-registration is required, classes are non-refundable and cannot be re-scheduled
  • Mats are provided
  • Wear comfortable exercise clothes
  • Maximum of 6 people in each class, preregistration required
  • Classes start and finish on time, so please arrive 5 min prior to start
  • To register for a Yoga session email:
  • For more information visit Martinas website: