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Healing Touch Workshop – Level 1 in Vancouver, BC

Creating healing relationships through healing touch…

Target Audience

Healing Touch is a nursing based continuing education program for registered nurses, physicians, body therapists, counselors, psycho-therapists, other health professionals, and individuals desiring an in-depth understanding and practice of healing work using energy based concepts.

Healing Touch Program Description

A course of study toward a certificate of completion in Healing Touch (HT) which in-corporates a variety of basic to advanced healing modalities. The program is sequenced in 6 levels allowing participants to move from beginner to advanced practitioner, expert and instructor. Certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor is available on application following completion of course work and additional requirements.

Level I Description

Level 1 begins with 16-18 continuing education contact hours of instruction, allowing persons with varying backgrounds to enter, acknowledge their previous learning and to further develop concepts and skills in energy-based therapy. A strong commitment to personal growth is required.

The participant will learn how to:

  • Describe the human energy system relationship to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
  • Discuss energy principles basic to HT.
  • Assess the energy field and energy centers.
  • Identify a basic Healing Touch sequence.
  • Demonstrate specific intervention techniques used in Healing Touch.
  • Discuss applications of Healing Touch in personal and professional practice Level I Course Content
  • Energy system concepts related to health
  • Basics of the energy system, energy field and energy centers
  • Location and function of the chakras
  • Assessment of the energy field and energy centers
  • Meditation for centering and maintaining energetic flow
  • Principles and practice of Healing Touch
  • Selected intervention techniques: Basic Healing Touch Sequence, Magnetic Passes, Magnetic Clearing, Chakra Connection (1 on 1, 2 on 1, self), Headache Techniques (tension, migraine, sinus), Ultra Sound, Laser, Chakra Spread, Scudder (Optional), Mind Clearing (Optional)
  • Principles of self-healing
  • Personal development as a healer
  • Legal and professional aspects of touch therapies

(16-18) Continuing Education Contact Hours

Workshop Dates: January 23 & 24, 2010 Time: 9-6 pm

Location: Alchemy & Elixir Health Group, 320-1026 Davie St, Vancouver, V6E 1M3

Coordinator: Betty Petersen Phone: phone: (403) 474 7399


Instructor: Betty Petersen, RN, BSCN, HTCP/I Betty has many years of nursing and teaching experience. She is a Certified Spiritual Healer, Certified Educational Kinesiology Consultant and Instructor and is Past President of the Canadian Holistic Nursing Association (CHNA). Betty has completed level 3 of the CHNA Specialization Program and has studied a variety of other energy therapies, which she uses in her independent nursing practice, Therapeutic Balancing in Calgary, Alberta.

Pricing for Tuition:

  • Regular Tuition – $333
  • HTPA or CHNA Member Tuition – $308
  • Student/Repeat/Senior – $225
  • EARLY DISCOUNT BY DEC 1, 2009 -$308 Register Early! Enrollment Limited!

Prepayment and preregistration required!  Can you bring a massage table?

Make checks payable to: c/o Betty Petersen

Send payment to: Alchemy & Elixir Health Group, 320-1026 Davie St, Vancouver, V6E 1M3

for more information

Healing Touch Program is an international, multi level educational program in energy based medicine. The Healing Touch Program curriculum progresses from beginning to advanced practice. AS a professionally accredited program, the curriculum encompasses increasing levels of practice and techniques, standards of care, code of ehtics and scope of practice. Healing Touch is endorsed by the American and Canadian Holistic Nurses Association, and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

Introduction to Raw Food Cooking ~Raw Food To Live For!

LEARN A FRESH FOUNDATION, RAW FOOD HEALTH SECRETS & tips to help increase energy, mental focus, sleep well, release weight, save money, the environment and look & feel fantastic!

TASTE delicious, easy recipes the whole family (&your body) will love!

EXPERIENCE healthy, organic, gourmet, nutrient-dense meals


You will leave this class, inspired, motivated & with the knowledge of how to begin eating raw & make delicious meals for yourself others.

Experience: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & desserts. Bring your appetite!

9 gourmet dishes provided!

WHEN: Sunday, February 7th, 2010 from- 2-6 pm

WHERE: Alchemy & Elixir Health Group, # 320- 1026 Davie St , Vancouver, BC, V6E 1M3

INVESTMENT: reg.$150/person *EARLY BIRDS Just $100/person + GST

REGISTER BEFORE DEC 31, 2009 & SAVE $50/person! (all prices exclusive of GST)


OR CALL Janice at 778.839.8424

Nationally recognized Live-Foods Health Chef & owner of RAW Foundation Culinary Arts Institute, Janice Skoreyko inspires & motivates, people to build a solid foundation of sound nutrition principles & the healthiest eating habits with fast, easy, delicious recipes from the vibrant world of living foods. Come, learn to prepare gourmet recipes quickly, simply, & bursting with flavor! Space is limited. Preregistration and prepayment required. Register today!

9 Nutrition Tips For Menopause

~ written by Katolen Yardley, MNIMH, Medical Herbalist

Optimal nutrition and herbal medicine can play a role in minimizing adverse menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats, play a role in prevention of heart disease and osteoporosis, lessen vaginal dryness and support the nervous system for insomnia, headaches and depression.

Healthy Nutrition through Menopause

1. Consume whole foods: fresh fruit and vegetables (6-8 servings daily), legumes, whole grains (such as brown rice, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, spelt) and water.

2. Don’t skip meals.

3. Consume animal products in moderation, emphasizing free-range non-medicated chicken and cold water fish (salmon, mackerel, halibut, herring, sardines) and ensure adequate vegetable protein intake throughout the day.

4. Increase consumption of phytoestrogenic foods, vegetable proteins, seaweeds and home sprouted seeds and legumes (alfalfa, mung beans, fenugreek, sunflower, adzuki sprouts), which provide the body with phytoestrogens, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids and easily digested protein.

5. Lower consumption of dairy products while replacing with other high calcium foods

6. Avoid alcohol, black tea, chocolate, coffee and other caffeinated products.

7. Avoid salt, refined sugar and processed packaged foods which all put additional stress on the liver, affecting normal hormone clearance and elimination, aggravating both hot flushes and frequent urination. These foods also make the blood more acidic, prompting the release of calcium from our bones to act as a buffering agent; increasing the excretion of calcium in the urine (and a loss of calcium in the bones).

8. Flax seed meal (freshly ground) in a smoothie or sprinkled over cereal will provide excess fiber for healthy bowel function and to help absorb estrogen metabolites in the stool to ensure adequate clearance out of the body. Alternatively use 2 tblsp whole flax seeds soaked in 1 cup water, covered, overnight and add into a smoothie.

9. Consume foods known to support liver function: beets, artichokes, watercress, burdock (gobo), dandelion greens and dandelion coffee, turmeric, and garlic.

Herbal Medicine for Menopausal Symptoms can assist with:

  1. hot flushes and night sweats
  2. flooding
  3. depression and fatigue
  4. headaches
  5. insomnia, anxiety and stress related conditions
  6. memory and concentration enhancement
  7. heart palpitations and elevated blood pressure
  8. urinary frequency
  9. peace of mind and improved quality of life

For health program (and custom blended plant medicine) tailored to your specific health concerns during menopause, consider booking a clinic appointment. To read the complete article written by Katolen Yardley on herbal medicine and women’s health (including fertility, PMS, and hormonal imbalances) click here…

Katolen Yardley, MNIMH is a Medical Herbalist, specializing in Western and European Herbal Medicine, with clinical experience since 1995. Her personal interest in health lies with the emotional connection to wellness and dis-ease. Her private practice specializes in womens health issues, skin dis-ease, digestive and nervous system disorders and believes in providing usable tools for the client taking responsibility for his or her own health. If you are wanting a personalised health program designed for your and your unique health history, then email us or call us at 604-683-2298 to set up your clinic appointment.

Health benefits of Resveratrol

~ written by Katolen Yardley, MNIMH, Medical Herbalist

Resveratrol has been sold as a nutritional supplement for the last 5 or so years, yet the health benefits of this supplement are just now becoming more widely known, spoken about and recognised in mainstream media. Resveratrol is a type of polyphenol, an antioxidant compound found in many foods and plants such as blueberries, bilberries, cranberries, rhubarb and grapes…which is one of the reason studies cite the benefits of drinking a glass of red wine daily. Grapes naturally produce resveratrol on their skins as a natural defence mechanism to protect from pathogens, fungus, viruses and bacteria overgrowth.

As Hippocrates said, “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”, the plants, berries and whole foods that we eat and are grown in our local environment can also provide our human bodies with needed nutrients for our own immune enhancement, and protection from dis-ease. Recent research on resveratrol indicates benefits for general and specific immune enhancement, heart health, cancer (by inhibiting angiogenesis inhibiting the development of new blood vessels which feed tumors), and inflammation. Studies also indicate benefit in reducing cholesterol in the body, namely by a reduction of LDL cholesterol (the harmful cholesterol) and triglyceride levels, reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

The antioxidant effects of Resveratrol are also widely known, resveratrol helps to neutralise free radicals before they can damage healthy cells and protect cells damaged from environmental pollutants. Resveratrol also helps to decrease COX1, an enzyme that increases inflammatory substances which promote tumor growth. Resveratrol shows an ability to enhance life extension and healthy aging in clinical studies and promote longevity.

Studies have shown that resveratrol is difficult to absorb, thus for best absorption, combine its use with other bioflavinoids such as lutein or quercetin. Discontinue this supplement prior to surgery and consult your health care provider prior to use in pregnancy and lactation. Consult your holistic health care provider prior to use if taking anticoagulant medications.

Health benefits of Resveratrol include:

  • Lowering insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 diabetes.
  • Enhancing longevity by reducing the risk of chronic and degenerative disorders
  • Protection of blood vessel walls
  • Decreased platelet aggregation, reducing the risk of heart attacks and stroke
  • Helps to prevent or reduce plaque formation, a component in Alzheimers, and other neurodegenerative diseases, and prevent brain injury due to stroke, a neuroprotective agent
  • Counteracts insulin resistance, offering protection from diabetes
  • Prolongs the life of cells in the body
  • Blocks compounds which cause inflammation
  • Offers protection from cancer by interfering with the development of blood vessel formation nourishing a tumor

Dosage: Recent studies indicate daily supplementation of 500 mg of resveratrol or higher for full health enhancement benefits. Resveratrol may also help to promote weight loss, by suppressing estrogen production, thereby decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass.  To order Resveratrol capsules, click here.

The History of Traditional Thai Massage

~ written by Sharon Brown Horton, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner at Alchemy & Elixir Health Group in Vancouver, BC.

Originating over 2,500 years ago, Thai Massage is one of the worlds most ancient healing modalities which embraces the philosophy and practical expression of loving kindness. With its roots in Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, it made its way in the early years of development to Southeast Asia. For centuries, it was performed by monks in the temples, called Wats, as one of four elements of indigenous Thai Medicine.

The Benefits

Traditional Thai Massage incorporates elements of mindfulness, gentle rocking, deep stretching and rhythmic compression to create a singular healing experience. As a result, this form of holistic body work harmonizes the body, relaxes tense muscles, increases energy, helps to re-align the body, relieves stress and promotes a peaceful mind.

The Method

Different from Western Massage methods, Thai Massage uses assisted yoga Asanas to open the joints and relieve the tension in surrounding muscles, which allows prana, chi, or healing energy to move more freely throughout the body. Not surprisingly, it is often referred to as the lazy mans yoga! Thai Massage allows the receiver to experience a deepening of the Asana (yoga posture) through a deep and gentle assistance, opening the joints without the resistance created when using their own power. The use of gentle rocking, thumb pressure and rhythmic compression helps the body to be prepared for stretches, so that the recipient feels invited to receive the stretch and the defense reactions of muscles tightening up are not triggered.

What to expect from your Thai Massage

Thai Massage is performed on a mat on the floor and the client typically wears light, loose fitting clothing no oils are used. Not only are the hands used to free tension from the body, but Thai Massage Practitioners also use elbows, forearms and feet for interactive manipulation. Massage sessions can last from one hour, up to 2 hours or more. The treatment style is slow, deliberate, gentle, non-invasive and suitable for even the most fragile person. After a thorough health history review, the Thai Massage session is customized to suit the current needs of the body, mind and spirit.

Your Thai Massage Practitioner at the Alchemy & Elixir Health Group & Wellness Centre

Over several years, Sharon Brown-Horton trained in Chiang Mai as well as Phi Phi Island inThailand. She holds her Thai Massage Certificates in Advanced Therapies, Sen Lines, Reflexology, as well as Traditional Thai Massage Affiliate Instructor with ITM of Chiang Mai ~ a school that is recognized with the Canadian Massage Therapy Association of BC . Currently, she offers her Thai Yoga Massage and Thai Foot Reflexology services at the Alchemy & Elixir Health Group and Wellness Centre and teaches certification classes in Thai Yoga Massage (contact Sharon directly for her upcoming availability and certification class dates). With a background in Kinesiology and Health & Fitness, Sharon has been a nominee for the prestigious “YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the category of Health & Wellness. With a background in Dance, Kinesiology and Spa Therapies, she has been a trainer, teacher and yoga practitioner for over 25 years and has been guest speaker at numerous events throughout North America, as well as St. Lucia and Tokyo. Her practice of Thai Yoga Massage facilitates and promotes a harmonious state of being. This ancient healing work strives to remove obstacles on the path toward The Four Divine States of Mind: Loving Kindness, Vicarious Joy, Compassion and Equanimity.

~ “It is a privilege to touch a person and become a conduit for sacred healing energy and I am honoured to be able to offer this Yoga-based healing to my clients. I truly believe that the practice of Traditional Thai Massage has greatly enhanced my life and I look forward to sharing its benefits with my clients at the “Alchemy & Elixir Wellness Centre for many years to come. Sharon Brown-Horton