Qi Kung ~Monday Morning Classes

Qi Kung means “working with energy” or life-force. Qi Kung is a meditative practice, closely associated with the theory and practice of traditional Chinese medicine, which uses slow graceful movements and controlled breathing techniques to promote the circulation of subtle energy [“Qi” or “prana”] within the nervous system. This enhances the overall physical, emotional and spiritual strength of the practitioner. It is both healing and creates a felt, wholesome and meaningful connection with the universe.

In this class we will be doing Qi Kung “Resource Building”, which is about cultivating and expressing energy within your body and the foundational exercises for “Buddha Palm”, which is a powerful form Qi Kung for self-healing.

1 hour Qi Kung practice every Monday morning from 10am (sharp) -11 am.

Open to all – by suggested donation $10. Space is limited – preregistration required!

Location: Alchemy & Elixir Health Group, 320 1026 Davie St. Vancouver

To register email Matthew at: hiimori.windhorse@gmail.com

About the instructor, Matthew Richards

Matthew has been interested in healing and counseling techniques for many years. This interest led him to complete a Masters in Philosophy from University of Ottawa [1997] with a particular thematic emphasis on communication, expression, ethics and issues around human embodiment. What resonated with him then, as now, were philosophies or “world-views” that stressed Affirmation and that had pragmatic and therapeutic applications. A spiritual awakening led him to begin formal studies and practice in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism in 1995. In this religion Matthew finally found the system of healing and efficacious care for others he had been seeking my entire life. Since 1999, he has been formally teaching Buddhist meditation, thought and practice at temples in Canada and in the U.S.