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Vancouver Counseling Services (Individual Counseling)

Individual Counseling sessions with Lisa Tomlinson, MA, Psychotherapist -provides individual one-hour counseling sessions in which she accompanies her clients on their unique life journeys.

In these sessions, Lisa helps clients reevaluate their perceptions of what is possible, and overcome limiting thoughts and behaviors. With a compassionate and gentle approach, Lisa helps her clients explore what defines their sense of self, their values, and their positioning in the world. She is a firm believer in people’s transformational potential, and helps her clients broaden their self-pictures to support their aspirations for growth.

Lisa’s therapeutic approach emphasizes free will – the capacity of each person to make choices that are not dictated by heredity or past conditioning. Lisa avoids restrictive models that tend to fit people into pre-established categories or interpretations. She uses an open-minded, receptive approach to help clients reappraise what is most meaningful in their lives, and achieve both short and long term goals.

If you would like to make positive changes in your life, with the help of an empathetic and supportive guide, then Lisa’s individual sessions are for you.

For the month of September and on through to December 2010 -Lisa is offering the following specials and promotions! Meaning, THE BEST PRICES on counseling services in Vancouver!!!

Individual 1 hour sessions: Regular rates $90 plus HST -Special Promotion until December 2010: $60.00 plus HST $7.20 = $67.20

Individual 4 session package rates: Regular rates $ 300 plus HST – Special Promotion until December 2010: $200.00 including HST (super savings!!).

Most extended health care services cover a portion of the session fees. Check with your provider for more information.

To schedule an appointment with Lisa Tomlinson, contact her at ph: 604-720-2404 and email:

Counseling Services (Family and Couples Counseling)

Couples Counseling and Family Counseling with Lisa Tomlinson offers a unique approach when working with couples. She integrates the philosophy of Martin Buber together with Imago Relationship Theory, positive change from the relational skills found in Appreciative Inquiry and relational neurobiology.

Lisa has been involved in couples research and her masters thesis in University chronicled an innovative couples counseling method that she developed. It is the first of its kind. Her work was recognized as outstanding and as such, she has been invited to contribute to an anthology on relationship therapy.

Common reasons couples seek counseling:

  • They feel that their relationship is “doing just fine” but they yearn to experience the kind of connection they felt when they first met.
  • The marriage or life partner relationship is in trouble, heading for separation or divorce.
  • They are trying to heal their relationship after an affair.

Benefits of Couples Counseling include:

  • Why the very qualities that attracted you to each other now often drive you mad.
  • How to identify the hidden forces that control your relationship.
  • How to get to the root of your problems and dissolve them.
  • How to move from automatic reaction to deliberate action.
  • How to turn daily frustrations into vehicles for change.
  • How to fill your partners needs with laser-like precision.
  • How to successfully communicate your own desires.
  • How to express your love and appreciation in ways that touch your partners heart.
  • How to create fun, romance, passion, and intimacy.
  • How to rediscover the joy and spiritual potential of your relationship.
  • How to become your partners best friend and healer.

Confidentiality is respected and preserved throughout the course of our work together.

Couples Counseling Special Rates: Couples therapy 1.5 hour session: Regular rates $ 130 plus HST – Special Promotion until December 2010: $85.00 plus HST $10.20 = $95.20

Couples therapy 4 session package rates: Book 4 session packages and save! Big savings on rate and let us pay the HST! Regular rates $ 500 + HST – Special Promotion until December 2010: $300.00 including HST (super savings!!)

To schedule an appointment with Lisa Tomlinson, contact her at ph: 604-720-2404 and email: