Women’s Mindfulness Group

This is an ongoing women’s group in the west end of Vancouver, BC that offers self-development and mindfulness training within a supportive therapeutic group environment. Facilitated by Lisa Tomlinson, Psychotherapist, the group is open to women who have already experienced some individual therapy, and who wish to draw on the advantages of reflective group process.

The women participants engage in a variety of issues specific to them, such as life changes, relational issues, emotional stress, and creative blocks. The group supports each woman’s individual process, while and at the same time strengthening the relational capacities of all who are present. The goal is to increase self-confidence and trust while building a strong, flexible, and integrated sense of self and community.

Vipassana (also called Insight) meditation techniques are used as a holding structure for individual self-awareness. Previous experience with meditation and mindfulness training is not required.

Participants must commit to attending for a period of at least six months.

Dates: One Wednesday evening per month. This group meets once a month for two hours.

Location: Alchemy & Elixir Health Group: 320- 1026 Davie St. Vancouver BC

An initial conversation is required to determine if the group is appropriate for you at this time. For more information on the Women’s Mindfulness Group contact Lisa, at ph: 604-720-2404 and email: ltomlins@shaw.ca