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Beginner Cream Making Class, Taught by Alison Brown, Herbalist

Students will learn how to make a basic cream by emulsifying water and oil with beeswax and Vitamin E and essential oils will be available to add to creams for preservation, aroma and skin balancing/healing properties. Each person will take home a jar of cream made in class. We will cover:

  • An explanation on the steps involved in making a basic cream.
  • Some of the harmful ingredients used in body care products – why they are used and how they negatively impact our health.
  • An explanation of the ingredients used in making a basic cream and the process of emulsification.
  • A demonstration of how to make infused oils and the herbs most commonly used.
  • A discussion of the medicinal properties of herbs such as calendula, comfrey, st john’s wort, lavender.
  • Essential oils – what are they and what can they do for us? A number of skin restoring and healing essential oils will be discussed and their particular medicinal properties will be explained.

Location: Alchemy & Elixir Health Group Suite 320-1026 Davie St. Vancouver, BC

Prepayment and preregistration is required as space is limited. Email

Date: Tuesday Jan. 31, 2012 Time: 6-8 pm. Cost $ 60 or $ 100 for both the beginner and advanced cream making class.

Advanced Cream Making Class, Taught by Alison Brown, Herbalist

Students will learn how to make a more complicated cream using hydrosols, butters and lecithin powder. Students will gain an understanding of how to make medicated creams for specific conditions. Everyone will leave with a jar of cream made in class. Material covered: An introduction to Ayurvedic concepts of kapha, pitta, vata, with emphasis on understanding constitutional types.

A discussion on how kapha, pitta and vata can manifest in the skin and how to identify. An explanation of carrier oils that can be used in cream making and their kapha, pitta or vata qualities. An explanation of essential fatty acid rich oils, how to use them and what their specific medicinal and skin healing properties are. Tinctures, Teas and Hydrosols will be explained and how to use them in creams. A discussion of common skin and health conditions and helpful herbs that can be used topically in creams (skin problems such as, oily, dry, itchy, infected, inflamed and bruised skin / conditions such as, arthritis, muscle soreness, pain, thread veins, cellulite, scaring).

Space is limited and preregistration is required. To register email:

Location: Alchemy & Elixir Health Group, Suite 320- 1026 Davie St. Vancouver BC

Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2012 from 6-8 pm Cost: $60 for one class or $100 for both the beginner and advanced cream making class. Prepayment is required.