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Creative Cooking: Using intuition to prepare intentional, love-filled food

~ Taught by Melissa Furneau –  BSc., HHC, RHN – Holistic Health Counselor, Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Imagine preparing intentional, love-filled food for yourself, family, and friends that is healthy, delicious, and easy to prepare.For me, cooking is both a means of self-expression and an act of love. It is a way to nourish myself and the people I care about in a very direct and meaningful way. If your reality is that cooking is a confusing, tedious chore, and you would like to make a shift, this workshop is the perfect way to begin this process. We will look at tools to get in touch with what foods your body truly needs, explanations of common cravings, an introduction to mindful eating, and tips on how to integrate all of this into your day-to-day life. Best of all, there will be an abundance of hands-on experience as well as healthy whole-foods treats!

Date: Saturday, September 15th, 2012
Time: 11am -1pm at Alchemy & Elixir Health Group # 320- 1026 Davie St, Vancouver BC
Cost: $ 55

For questions or registration, please contact Melissa Furneaux at: or 604-760-9892

*Please note that pre-payment is required to reserve your seat as space is limited.