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Sage Wands

Organic Sage Wands

Sage bundles, Smudge fans, or prayer fans, have been used by first nations people for centuries.  The art of smudging involves burning herbs such as sage and sweet grass, or used together, first beginning with sage.  The smoke is directed or “washed” over people and things that need blessings and healings.  The smoke is believed to dispel negative influences. Smudging can be used to cleanse a room of tension and bad spirits after a verbal dispute or if someone with depression or anger had pervaded the place with gloominess.  Another common use is to cleanse a dwelling before you move in to a new space. Take the smudge fan and disperse the smoke in all corners to purify your new home, office, garage or yard, furniture, special objects and pets.

 Smudge bundles are dried and burned; used in the beginning of prayers, rituals, smudging and other ceremonies to remove perceived negative energies, to promote spiritual and emotional purification, to purify a space, and align in harmony with the earth and with ones higher self. Often used in combination with sweetgrass; sage smudge sticks can help turn a negative atmosphere in to a positive environment.

Directions: Sage bundles are usually burned by lighting the end of the bundle, let it burn for about 10 seconds, then blow the flame out. Hold a large clamshell, or bowl under the grass to catch the embers.  The bundle should smolder and give off smoke. It is this smoke which is used for purification and spiritual and emotional cleansing and the removal of negativity from a sacred space, a person, home, or new environment.

Once the sage is lit, you do not stop it from burning. If the smudging has been completed, then set the bowl down and let it burn itself out until it is done. Do not put it under water to douse the smoke or stop it from burning its flame out naturally.For obvious reasons, do not leave the flame unattended.

Repeat as needed, cleanse ones home or environment monthly, or after any negative or traumatic emotional experiences.

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