About This Blog

This Blog was created by Katolen Yardley, MNIMH, RH (AHG) Medical Herbalist, of Alchemy & Elixir Health Group to share information about herbal medicine and discuss philosophies of health maintenance.

This Blog will be dedicated to providing:

  • education and an understanding of plant medicine
  • contemplations on health and healing
  • valuable information on selected health topics
  • tools for enhancing optimal health.
  • stories and photos of my travel adventures (since visiting other cultures is one of my life passions!)

It is apparent to me the number of individuals who are dissatisfied with their current state of health and are searching for empowering and usable information to help elevate their health to a higher level.

I am moved to write this Blog as I see so little emphasis in our current health care system on how individuals can:

  • practice preventative medicine
  • maintain optimal health through knowledge and education
  • enhance their bodies own healing process
  • and directly address the cause of dis-ease, rather than simply taking a band-aid approach to treating symptoms.

I frequently observe commentary on herbal medicine coming from a ‘fear based’ belief system from individuals with little or no training and no clinical experience in the vast field of herbal medicine. It is my goal to provide accurate information on plant medicine while continuing to respect the paradigm of holistic health and healing.

The purpose of this Blog is NOT meant to replace the advice or guidance provided through a clinic consultation with a health care provider but instead holds the intention to expand your vision of optimal health and provide you with tools to take a personal role in maintaining your health through education and inspiration.

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Be well.