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Lavender Essential Oil

Botanical / Latin Name: Lavendula angustifolia

Application: A steam distilled essential oil extracted from the flowering tops of the plant; Lavender is the most all-purpose essential oil, used to ‘calm and balance’ the emotions for symptoms of stress, anxiety and energy enhancement.

A decongestant and antiseptic oil useful for the winter months,with anti-inflammatory properties useful for headaches, earaches, toothaches.

THE indispensable first aid remedy for a first aid kit at home. Lavender essential oil offers relief from burns and scalds, enhances wound healing and helps to prevent scarring.

This is one of the few essential oils that is safe to apply topically to the skin without first diluting with a carrier oil.

For kitchen burns, apply Lavender essential oil directly to the area, frequently throughout the day to help prevent blistering, relieve inflammation and reduce the risk of infection.

Lavender Essential Oil helps to balance conditions of nervous system depletion, exhaustion and fatigue, while also, at the same time helps to calm down anxiousness, hyperactivity and irritability. Traditionally the essential oil was used for conditions of hysteria, shock, tension and migraines.

Insect repellent properties. Apply to the skin, use around the home or on a sundeck for its known insect repellent properties…Try dabbing neet onto an insect bite to relieve the itching.

Fragrance: the classic Lavender scent, deeply floral used to warm the emotions and open the heart.

Caution: Avoid during pregnancy, especially the first trimester.

Home Remedies: Scented Herb Pillows

Herb Pillows

Sachets filled with medicinal herbs add a subtle scent to a room and more importantly, many aromatic herbs are gently calming and sleep inducing, ideal to place by a pillow at night for a deeper sleep. Any aromatic herbs with nervine or relaxant properties can be used in a sachet.

Mix well and scoop into a cotton bag or muslin sachet.

Great for children and adults alike for stress and tension, the gentle scent will assist the body to unwind at night, and can also be used for its mild insect repellent properties.

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Herbal Hair Rinse

Herbs can be prepared in a hair rinse to add shine and life to lack-luster hair, to enhance highlights, add balance to an excessively oily or dry scalp and improve scalp circulation thereby assisting with hair loss.

Healthy Shine Hair Rinse

Place water and herbs in a saucepan. Bring water to a boil then immediately reduce the heat to low.

Simmer, covered for 15 minutes. Remove from heat, cool  and strain. Mix in 3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. Store, covered, in fridge.

Use 1 cup as a final hair rinse after shampoo and conditioning. Massage into scalp and work evenly through hair. Avoid contact with eyes. Blot up excess moisture with a towel and leave in (or leave in 2-3 minutes before a quick rinse). Style hair as usual.

For added benefit, leave herbal rinse on hair overnight and rinse out in the morning.


Oily Hair: Horsetail herb, Lavender flowers, Rosemary leaves, Lemon Balm leaves, Peppermint leaves

Dry Scalp: Marshmallow Root, Burdock Root

Hair Loss: Yarrow herb, Sage leaves, Rosemary leaves, Horsetail herb, Nettle leaves

All Hair Types: Rosemary leaves, Horsetail herb, Nettle leaves, Thyme herb

Blond Highlights: Chamomile flowers, Elderflowers, Yarrow flowers, Lemon Juice

Red Highlights: Marigold (Calendula) flowers

Dark Hair: Rosemary leaves, Thyme leaves, Sage leaves