Clinics and Consultations

Holistic health focuses on identifying and treating the root cause of dis-ease rather than providing a band-aid to mask symptoms of the underlying problem, it provides tools for the bodies’ innate ability to heal itself and emphasizes enhancement of health on every level.

For individuals who desire guidance and are ready to take a more committed role in improving their health, Katolen Yardley, Medical Herbalist also offers clinic consultations by phone or in person in a clinic environment, where a personalized health program is designed and herbal formulations are custom blended for each individual.

During a clinic consultation we will review your past medical history, underlying health issues, family history, nutrition, lifestyle and current medications and design a personal health program focusing on your personal health concerns and goals.  After a consultation, custom blended herbal tinctures, custom blended herbal teas, essential oil blends and nutritional recommendations are made. Visit clinics and consultations for more information.