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Vancouver Holistic Doula Certificate Program

Vancouver Holistic Doula Certificate Program – Offered through Pacific Rim College

The Holistic Doula Certificate is a 13.5 week, 270-hour program that prepares students to work as both Doulas and Post-partum Doulas. It is the most comprehensive Doula program offered in North America.

The education and training provided within the Holistic Doula Certificate Program is based on complementary and integrative approaches, bridging Western Medicine with holistic therapies. The program provides strong education and practical foundation in many therapeutic approaches, thereby creating competent and confident Doulas when working with labouring mothers and building their practices. No single therapeutic approach or discipline taught is meant to be comprehensive and to lead to students becoming practitioners in that particular area. Instead, each component adds to the Doula’s competency and thus value to the labouring mother and her family. By gaining comprehensive education in a variety of disciplines, program graduates will be poised to change the current standards of what it means to be a Doula in North America. All students are eligible to partake in the Doula Mentorship once they have completed all classroom requirements of the certificate program.

Graduates of this program can use knowledge and experience gained to establish a private all-inclusive Doula services business or join or create an integrative health clinic or birthing centre

Intro to Herbal Medicine for Doulas – DLA105

Vancouver Course Instructor: Katolen Yardley, MNIMH, Medical Herbalist 

Herbs have been used for millennia to assist in childbirth. This course covers the fundamentals of herbal medicine in the context of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and baby and child care.

For more information visit: Holistic Doula Certification Program